Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Before I Die

Look at this face. How can you not give?

Do you ever question what will happen to you after you die? I know that few people think about it. I would say only about 10% of all people under the age of 30 really think about it at all. I mean, you really need to consider, will I be cremated or buried or eaten by rabid dogs? I would like a say in this matter if at all possible.

That is why I decided that I need a last Will and Testament. But guess what? There is no guy named Will included. I thought geez, guys named Will and Testament never have to worry about being unemployed because so many people need them to prepare for their deaths. It turns out though that it is just a piece of paper prepared by the arbiters of life and death: Lawyers.

When I went to the lawyer he asked me about my possessions. I thought that he was either trying to assess the value of my property before he stole it or he was just a rude person. Then he asked who I would give my property to if I died. I said probably Hillary Clinton or poor African people. Why do Hillary Clinton and poor African people need a collection of gently used B2K cds and pantsuits? Because they are the ones that are most in need at this time.

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