Saturday, August 6, 2011

Romp On, Romp On (Sing this in Neil Young voice for full effect)

Romper: Stylin'
There is a trend in the world called rompers. They are not those big blow up things that children bounce in order to distract them while parents drink at their birthday parties. They are an item of clothing that is like a pantsuit that has the pants and shirt connected but it is short, so kind of like a shirt connected to shorts. Or a dress that does not have a skirt at the bottom but it is shorts instead. Makes more sense now doesn't it? 

I bought one off of the Internet last week. I did not arrive until today though. The Internet is so slow. I mean, all the Internet is is a street performer, he should have more time to delivery clothing. But I guess those chalk drawings of snakes or velociraptors don't draw themselves. His toes draw them.

I tried it on and it is a little bit tight in the crotch. But after I took the sock out it fit a little bit better. Unfortunately, my labia is very cold now. I think I will look very snazzy on the bus. Also, maybe I will finally be mistaken for a child and live my life long dream: ordering off the children's menu at Denny's.

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