Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hidden Talons...oops I mean, Talents.

No thanks. I have talented legs.

I've always wondered what my hidden talent is. But seeing as it is a hidden talent, I've had a hard time finding it. I've looked in many places, including one embarrassing incident where I looked in my neighbor's house. That one landed me in the big house! Good times.

But one of my new year's resolutions this year, along with eating more fresh cantaloupe and getting back into televised professional fly-fishing, was to finally find that hidden talent. I thought for a minute while I was learning the clarinet when I was a little girl that that was my hidden talent but it turns out that it is not suppose to sound like a cat screaming. Who knew?!

I finally found my true hidden talent today. I found out that I am very good at walking! I was at an old folks' home today, visiting an old man that told me one day that I was his wife, Claire, and I discovered my ability. After I was done telling my husband stories about the zombies I encountered at the Battle of Stalingrad (He should know the truth. I am his wife after all!), I saw all of these lame old people hunched over walkers. Well guess what, 80-year olds, I got two walkers right here. They're called legs! Booyah! Schooled you, gramps.

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