Friday, August 5, 2011

Who Knew Ice Cubes were so complicated?

Vodka on the Rocks Recipe: Add Vodka to Ice Cube(pictured above)
I recently discovered that there is a rapper called Ice Cube. To solve any confusion that this may cause, I've developed an simple flow chart for you in case you are faced with the question, is this frozen water or is this a gangster rapper from the early 1990s?

Are you cold?
→ No: This is neither Ice Cube nor an ice cube.
→ Yes: Be more speific
         → Are you an ice cold motherfucker?
                  → Yes.
                        → How do you define a good day?
                                      → Sitting in a freezer, without threat of consumption in a coca-cola
                                                    → Congratulations: you are an ice cube. Delicious and Nutritious
                                       → Well, it didn't have to use my AK, so I got to say it was a good day.
                                                → I'm sorry have to disturbed you Mr. Ice Cube, I will let you get     back  to picking up that girl you been tryin' to fuck since the twelfth grade.

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