Sunday, July 3, 2011

Breaking the Mold by Breaking a Door.

Eyes: The Doorhole to the Soul
I broke my door. You know how it goes, every two to three months you have to buy a new door. If someone had told me this when I moved into my apartment, I would have just kept living in my car. But because it is a cardboard box with the word “Automobile,” it would get slightly damp in monsoon season. 
I went to Lowe's and I saw my friend Veronica. I only see her once every two to three months. It happens when I break my door and I have to go to Lowe's. Veronica is an employed by the Lowe's Corporation. She asked me if I would like a door. She knows me so well! I'm thinking of adopting her as my sister or mother. 
This time I decided to be artistic with my door. I usually buy the typical plain black door with the gold trim and tiny dolphins engraved in the corners but this time I wanted something more exotic. I bought a white door and some charcoal. I used the charcoal to draw an upside down smiley face. But what makes it so artistic, groundbreaking, and ingratiating, is that it does not symbolizes sadness but happiness! Get it? I didn't think so.

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