Friday, July 22, 2011

Hair Stylings!

Goodbye Mustache: I just wish I could be this beautiful
My hair is growing very long. In fact, it almost touches my fingertips and that's only the hair under my armpits! But the hair on my head is also quite long. I would say that it is at least 6 or 7 inches or centimeters. I don't know the difference between the two, yet. I will when I finally learn how to read properly.

Jorge suggested that I go to the hairstylist if it is really bothering me. He referred me to this lovely man named Dr. Wayniston (I guess he takes his hair-cutting pretty seriously if he wants to be called a doctor. This is evidenced by the band the Spin Doctors and also Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman).

He just asked me for the reason why for my visit. I told him that I had excess hair that needed to be removed. He then examined my face, I'm guessing trying to figure out if my face is more heart-shaped or square-shaped. But then he used a laser tool thing (he made me put on glasses and everything! He IS serious), on my upper lip. He was probably just cleansing my aura like the last doctor I saw. He was a witch doctor and ever since I keep seeing my dead ferret when I eat my cereal in the morning. It's more entertaining than the Today Show so I'm okay with it. Then he charged me $1500 and I left. Worse hair cut ever. He didn't even touch my head-hair and my mustache is gone. I'll miss my lip-warmer.

When I got home, I asked Jorge what kind of hairstylist was that and how did he hear of him. He said he was the best hairstylist he ever had. I guess we just have different ideas about what is good. I guess I will just go to Fantastic Sam's next time I want to see a dermatologist. For those non-English speakers out there, "dermatologist" is another word for hairstylist. 

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