Wednesday, July 20, 2011

mp3, How I Love Thee

iPod Touch? Okay, but only if I get to touch your Pod too!
I made two new resolutions today. Who says you need the new year to make resolutions? Also, what is a new year anyway? And how long is a year? Because there is Lunar New Year and Rosh Hashanah and also the Nordstorm's Bi-Yearly sale.

It's all very confusing for an urban, materialistic, semi-illiterate, Francophile girl like me. I'd rather be walking around on the exciting streets, shopping, or eating things that are French (I'm gonna guess....Star bursts on top of some raspberry yogurt), and pretending to read Cosmo. (Side note: if I can't read, how can I write? One of life's great contradictions like the Catholic belief in the Holy Trinity. How can they all be one God?)

My resolutions are that I will shower (yeah, that's gonna happen *wink wink* *cough*) and that I will buy an mp3 player or, as the Germans, Austrians, Liechsteiners and some parts of Switzerland and Luxembourg, mpdrei players. See, I'm a total Francophile. Ich liebe Frankreich!

Some of you may be asking yourselves, how does she not have an mp3 Spieler (if you're French) yet? Why am I reading this? How did I get here? The latter two you can only answer after a deep amount of soul-searching. I suggesting going the Eat,Pray, Love route and getting fat off of a shit-ton of pasta while you listen to what what your soul says to you. Make sure you can hear your soul over your loud pasta-induced farting.

So there you go. A post about mp3 players, kind of.

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