Thursday, July 14, 2011

This Land is My Land...Or Is It?

The Internet: actual size
I asked Jorge what he lists as his country when he signs up for things on the internet, you know because he lives in the U.S.A. but he is from Northern Korea. He said that he just puts whatever he clicks on first, even if it isn't the U.S.A. or Northern Korea. Just one of the many crazy impulsive things that Jorge does! Yesterday, he stole some pens from my office and he held up this guy at gunpoint for his iPad. He's so cute! 

I wondered, do other people do this? I mean that is just lying. It's okay for Jorge to lie because in all other parts of his life he is very honest. He told me that I am fat and the only reason he stays with me is that I don't make him pay rent. Also, I work for the government and he is a spy. See, what makes a good relationship; communication and easy access to state secrets.

So, I asked my neighbor if he list other countries beside his own also. After his initial shock of finding me in his apartment in the dark with only the flame of a candle illuminating my face at 3:24 A.M, he told me that sometimes he does list a different country. Then he said I should leave or he would call my Mom. Rude much!

Apparently, this whole different country thing is commonplace. Not “Commonplace,” the place where drug addicts go to socialize, mingle, and share needles. I wish! This means that it is common. Get it now? Next time I sign up for something on the World Wide Web, I will list a different country, like Mexico or Indiana. Look at me! Adding spice to my life! 

Everyone in the internet, what do you do? If you don't answer, it will just confirm what I've always suspected: the internet is run by one person who will remain anonymous (*cough* Katie Couric *sneeze*).

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