Friday, July 29, 2011

Rupert's Revenge

Site of Rupert's Revenge. Also, site of JUSTICE and my pooping

My Mom used to sing me this poem as I went to sleep. Maybe that's why I poop in my sleep on the Thursday before The Feast of the Santo Nino.

Poor young Rupert never saw it coming
Little small Rupert was never in the running
Ugly smelly Rupert could never imagine the results
Dumb disgusting Rupert lost the rhyming competition

Rupert did not blame himself for his lack of rhyme
He blamed the historical time
also limes

What could Rupert do?
He could sue!

That's just what Rupert did
He sued and won in small claims court
This was on the Thursday before the Feast of the Santo Nino.

Moral of this story:
There are people like Rupert that can sue you.

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