Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thinkings about Politics

President Obama staring down the French President (not pictured due to shortness)
I found out yesterday that the U.S.A. has a president. His name is Barack Obama (pronounced: Bear-RAKE Orb-LLAMA. The English language never sounds the way it's spelled). He is very tall, which is good. He must go up to other countries and they shrink with fear as they peer into his eyeballs and he grips their hands. These other countrys' people then hunch their backs, put their hands up to their faces like rats, and cry and cry. Then they surrender part of their country to our tall, valiant leader. Example in History: the Louisiana Purchase (Napoleon: shorty!)

I may have voted for him. Some newsreporter came up to me in September of 2007 and asked who I would vote for in the next presidential election. If the next presidential election is when Mr. Obama was elected, then I think I said him and that counts as voting. We vote every 32 years. I'm glad because voting is so hard. I dry heaved for 4 days after that. 
Why did I vote for him? He reminded me of Zac Efron or Doogie Houser. Doogie Houser was a doctor and I probably associated him with being a doctor. So, he kind of reminded me of a pre-teen TV doctor. I trust TV doctors. They went to school and no one goes to college anymore because of the high cost of tuition, or potential visits from Def Comedy Jam comedians and concerts from little-known indie jazz-acid-folk string quartets with dreadlocks. I admired his courage. 
Can't wait to vote in another 29 years! I got election fever! But I did eat pizza out of the garbage 2 days ago, so that might be it too.

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