Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goose Stepping into My Heart

Not pictured: White Feathers and that Distinctive Goose Smell
I forgot to mention this, but Jorge is Korean. From peaceful, northern Pyongyang. He keeps asking me if I know anything about why America is so clean and also how to make a nuclear weapon. I told him it's Mentos and Diet Coke. He said that isn't right. But it makes an explosion....

He's so cute. He always lifts his legs so high and not only when he is peeing in the bushes. He also walks that way. I asked him why. He said goose stepping is a sign of discipline and respect. I don't know why he calls it goose stepping. Is he a goose? He does wear a lot of feathered outfits. 
Well, as a Korean from the North, Jorge has a few words that are a little different from mine. Instead of calling me sweetheart, he calls me “American Capitalist Pig.” I let him know that I am not a Pig because I am not pink or oink, despite my love of mud. And Capitalist is a big word. I told him he was being arrogant with his college words. Big Words are downright Unamerican. 
But for all of his flaws (he likes the Allman Brothers) I am so happy with my little guy. My little, little, guy.

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