Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dreaming of the Flying Beast

The dangers of air travel
I have never ridden in an aeroplane before. It is not only because that costs money but also because my credit card was denied when I tried to buy a round trip plane ticket from Burbank, California, to Los Angeles, California. Actually, me and my credit card were denied because the ticket selling lady told me that the Burbank Aeroport and the Los Angeles Aeroport are a total distance of 33.9 miles away from each other. I told her that that was a very far distance to walk. She gave me a look, the same one I get at the grocery store when I'm at the cash register and ask them how much fruit costs.

So, I left and got to walking. It took me two days to get there. But I don't regret it one bit. Getting there is 4/5s the fun. And it was. I took a short detour through Compton. I met some very nice, heavily tattooed young men that really admired my blue cardigan and a group of meanies that suggested I looked better in red. I've never got such detailed fashion advice in my life!

I went to buy a plane ticket to Europe yesterday. I was able to fund my trip through a kind Nigerian prince. He gave me something called internet money. I just printed it off my e-mail. Three hundred whole dollars! Then I went to the aeroport and they again denied me! They said “Oh, you don't have a passport, or enough money, or “real” money.” I told them, all money is real money. Also, $300 is a lot of money, just ask the bill collectors and my former landlords. Also, passport? Whenever I have gone through a seaport they have never asked for any pass. I went to a Holland America (yeah, THAT Holland America) cruise and they did not ask for any pass at their port.

My dreams of riding the Steel Falcon have been dashed yet again. Fly on proud sky beast. My body is not with you but my heart is (I gave my Mom a birthday card that said “For all that you do, I give you my heart.” And she left it on a plane).

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